Investment Guidance

Every day, thousands of investors choose us for investment guidance and support

Objectively guiding clients toward their goals—it’s what we’ve been doing for years and pride ourselves on today. True to the idea that taking small actions can add up to big goals, our four-step guidance approach can help you invest in what you want, how you want. Plus, you have access to trained representatives and tools that can help you move in the direction you want to go.



However you want to invest, we can help:

Portfolio Check up

Portfolio Check-Up

Talk with our authorized representatives for an in-depth review of your portfolio and to discuss solutions designed to better align your investments with your goals.

Managed Portfolios

Managed Portfolios

Put your investments in expert hands with a professionally managed portfolio designed to keep your future financial plans on track.



Gain perspective on how far your investments may go with this easy-to-use iTradeX Platform.

Helping investors pursue a brighter financial future

At Mika Securities we recognize you may have questions when it comes to preparing for your financial future. That’s why we offer access to guidance and tools to help you pursue your financial goals. Our specialists and licensed Authorized Representatives are here for you with answers, encouragement, and support. With your best interests in mind, they’ll help you take steps toward pursuing your goals.


Trustworthy support you can count on.

No matter what your goals are for the future, you need support from a team that can help you make it happen. Our licensed Authorized Representatives are ready to listen and help find a solution that fits your life. Stop by a branch or call +88 01730706742 to get started today.